Insolvency Practitioners

Isadore Goldman has a long standing and strong reputation for its work with Insolvency Practitioners – we are market leaders when it comes to dealing with small to medium sized insolvencies.

Insolvency and working with Insolvency Practitioners is our core business. When you instruct Isadore Goldman you work with genuine insolvency specialists who understand not only the technical and tactical aspects of the work as well as anyone but who also understand the importance of the relationship between an Insolvency Practitioner and his or her legal team.

We understand the need to value and respect the relationship we have with our insolvency practitioner clients. When the chips are down or even personal advice is required, we are often the first choice of lawyers for insolvency practitioners.

We also recognise the importance of putting together a funding package or a package on conditional fee terms that will ensure a successful claim will be beneficial to the client and to the creditors.

As part of that we understand the need to compromise on fees where necessary. There is no point winning a case if only the lawyers get paid and the clients do not.

Through our sister entity Redgate Asset Limited we have recognised the difficulty that recent legislative changes have brought to the pursuit of lower value claims, and we are interested in purchasing claims from Insolvency Practitioners that may not be economic for them to pursue on the usual basis.

Our senior lawyers have vast and varied experience in dealing with all aspects of insolvency and form a spearhead second to none in the smaller practice category. Indeed we are often followed by the view: “if it is difficult, novel or innovative, give it to Isadore Goldman”

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