About Us

A tradition of quality in over a century of practice.

With offices in London and Norwich we are a law firm specialising in insolvency, commercial litigation, bank recovery, commercial property and property litigation. All of our lawyers share reputations for being at the very top of their game. 

Our work involves all aspects of insolvency, large or small, be it for the office holder or the man on the street.  Our commercial litigation experience takes in shareholder disputes, professional negligence claims, corporate disputes, asset recovery, commercial contract claims, and landlord and tenant disputes. Our commercial property teams can deal with all of your property transactional work.

Our history*

In April 1885 Mr. Isadore Goldman passed the Law Society’s Final Honours Examination and on Monday 15th June 1885 he opened his first office.  Early on the practice was engaged in family matters and it was later that Isadore developed his specialism for insolvency work which was  carried on by his son, Joe, and thereafter his grandson Alfred Goldman.

In 1909 and at the age of 16, Isadore’s son Joe was articled to his father, being admitted as a solicitor in 1914.  Interrupted briefly by the First World War when he was plunged into the trenches, and after just surviving that, he was made Partner at Isadore Goldman & Son in 1918.

“Mr Joe” revelled in the more colourful and headline grabbing bankruptcies of the day. One favourite of ours is Mr Joe’s involvement with Horatio Bottomley, who is said to have had the largest number of bankruptcy petitions ever presented against one person.  Between 1901 and 1906 he started 50 companies and defended 60 bankruptcy petitions! Mr Joe was instructed by Mr Bottomley’s Trustee in Bankruptcy. It  is said that Mr Joe attended with Mr Bottomley who was resident in Wormwood Scrubs prior to his public examination in the bankruptcy court where he was found to be sitting between his two prison officers, in prison uniform drinking champagne.

To that newly qualified young Isadore back in 1885, the firm as it is today would be unrecognisable with air conditioning replacing open fireplaces, desktop computers and iPhones replacing gold tipped pens and leather bound volumes containing indecipherable copies of letters being replaced by paper files made up from printers and photo copiers.  However, what has remained constant and which we hope and believe would have given Isadore comfort and pride, is that through the days when mergers and amalgamations were considered a reflection of growth and expansion, Isadore Goldman neither merged or amalgamated but grew and expanded from within. To this present day the firm continues to promote from within ensuring that it remains top in the insolvency field and goes from strength to strength.

* extract from "A Century of Practice - Isadore Goldman & Son 1885 - 1985" by Angela Thirlwell